Scientists Have Turned Everything Upside Down (Again)

Scientists Have Turned Everything Upside Down (Again)News Story: DNA Explodes Greek Myth About Women

“Women in Ancient Greece were major power brokers in their own right, researchers have discovered, and often played key roles in running affairs of state. Until now it was thought they were treated little better than servants.

The discovery is part of an investigation by Manchester researchers into the founders of Mycenae, Europe’s first great city-state and capital of King Agamemnon’s domains.

‘It was thought that in those days women were rated as little more than chattels in Ancient Greece,’ said Professor Terry Brown, of the faculty of life sciences at Manchester University. ‘Our work now suggests that notion is wrong.'”

My Comment: Science never insists on anything, but only states whatever it considers to be fact at a given moment. The opinion of tomorrow will be opposite to the opinion of today. I hope that the same will soon happen to our perception of the cause of evil in the world and how to eliminate it. People are gradually starting to understand that it is not our actions that harm nature and evoke its negative reaction upon us, it is our egoistic thoughts.

Take, for example, Carbon Belch Day:’s protest against taxation for financing the fight against carbon dioxide emissions and global warming, their protest against Al Gore’s “absurdity,” and against the feelings of guilt for ruining the climate.

In our world, we see only the consequences of the Upper Force’s influence; we do not see the connections between the forces, what takes place between them. Even when we observe the cause and consequences in our world, it only seems like they take place within the plane of our world. In reality, however, they come from their own cause, pass through the Upper World, and then return to our world, bringing about the consequences we see. Every event in our world is a consequence of the governing force that descends from above. If, instead of seeing part of the world’s picture, we were to see all of the forces – the causes and consequences – we would discover that it is not carbon dioxide emissions affecting the atmosphere (contrary to the “obvious” facts we see today), but that it is the Upper Forces that determine the atmosphere, and the main component of these forces is our desires and thoughts (heart and reason).

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