It’s Impossible for a Kabbalist to be Dull and Somber

It\'s Impossible for a Kabbalist to be Dull and SomberA question I received: In relation to my previous question, if a person turns into a dull and somber person, wouldn’t it be difficult for him to endure spiritual descents, which always happen when one ascends up the levels? In many texts, Kabbalists link the correction of one’s qualities to the perfection of creation and equivalence of form with the Creator. Please help me solve this riddle.

My Answer: As a person who is spiritually progressing justifies the Creator in everything (and since he justifies everything, he is called righteous). It’s impossible for such a person to be dull and somber.

Growing closer to the Creator means gaining equivalence of form with Him. Instead of the qualities one was born with, one gains qualities that become revealed after the Machsom (barrier), from BYA de Tumah (ed. the impure worlds of BYABYA is short for Beria, Yetzira, Assiya), where the 613 qualities of real egoism (Pharoah) reside, those which are against the Creator. By changing one’s intentions from “for my own sake” to “for the sake of the Creator,” with the help of the Light of Torah, from BYA de Kedusha (ed. the holy worlds of BYA), a person thereby fulfills the 613 commandments and attains full equivalence and adhesion with the Creator. Naturally, this bears no relation to performing any actions with our animate body, as it is written “The Creator does not care for how one slaughters cattle – from the head or from the neck (that is, the mechanical observance), but rather the commandments were given in order to correct man.”

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