Dying Is Easier than Rejecting Egoism

Dying Is Easier than Rejecting EgoismTwo questions I received on expressing love and egoism

Question: Imagine a situation where a person who has no connection to Kabbalah sacrifices his life in battle to save his friend, even though he knows that he will die doing this. Isn’t this the revelation of the greatest love possible?

My Answer: In our world, this may very well be the greatest possible expression of love, but this is not the case in the Upper World. It’s because people are taught to die this way through education, examples, and brainwashing, which teach them concepts that they must adhere to, even at the expense of their lives. For example, submarine crews are trained in such a way. However, these people still remain as egoists, it’s just that they receive a different program of fulfilling their egoism. There are many instances when people risk their lives and even go to their death willingly. It is much more difficult to reject egoism than to die.

Question: Do egoists perceive the Upper World?

My Answer: They think they do.

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  1. this article touched me deeply . many of my family were killed in the sec ond world war . some in planes giving there life thinking they were doing this for the good of men better them then others , today there are those doing the same in my country and other countries, even today you see people give there life for others i read here the reasoning for this and it sadens me greatly. just to do for the love of one another arvut something is missing in us my heart cries out sorry but it does thankyou rav bonnie bala 

  2. oh aso in concentration camps sorry not to mention this also most of them . bonnie

  3. I believe that to be true, people tend to Idealize self sacrifice not realizing that in the end they really do it for them self’s. I think that since our nature is to receive we cannot easily go against our nature and therefore we are only feeding the ego of  being the hero.

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