Do You Want To Be Like The Creator? Work For Bestowal!

549.01Question: If I give something without knowing what and to whom I give it, and neither society nor other people, not even the Creator know about it, is not such selfless giving idolatry?

Answer: I would not be so sure about the words that the Creator does not know. After all, we are talking about the fact that I simply imagine that I can do an action that no one, even the Creator, knows about.

And how do I do it? For what, why? Without any motivation?

Comment: No, I want to be like the Creator. And He is an absolute bestower. He can do actions with no relation to Himself. And I also want to do such an action.

My Response: Let us say that theoretically, you did it. And then what? Has the world changed for the better? What is the result of your action?

Comment: The result is that I have come closer to the Creator, at least in theory. It is said that He is a quality of bestowal, an absolute altruist, and I want to be like Him. So I am trying to do this action. And if I fulfill it, then it means that I am getting closer to Him.

My Response: That is right. The Creator is your standard. You want to be like Him in the quality of bestowal, love, and selfless help. Then do it.

Question: And this will not be considered idolatry?

Answer: No, because it is bestowal. The Creator is the absolute, working only for bestowal. If you want to be like Him, work for bestowal.

It will not be idolatry because you do not want to get anything for it. Idolatry is the desire to receive for oneself.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/5/2

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