Where Is The Way Out Of Hell?


When I thought I had already reached the bottom, they knocked from there (Stanislaw Jerzy Lec). 

Question: What is being said here?

Answer: A person thinks, “That’s it! What could be worse?” But in fact there is an even lower floor, and keep in mind that you have your place reserved for you there. If you continue to behave as you are now, and reach the bottom, you will find that it is not the bottom. There is one lower and one even lower than that, and indeed, there is really no limit to this.

Question: What thought do I need to be attached to in order to not reach the bottom?

Answer: Do not even try to get close to it; in no case do not agree with the bottom. You really need to somehow cling with your teeth to the place where you are and try to climb up.

Question: All the time, from the bottom up?

Answer: From the bottom up.

Question: Should I know what the bottom is?

Answer: Actually, this is an abyss; there is really no bottom. There are seven levels of hell and more. It is all so much more.

Question: What does hell mean? Is this the real bottom?

Answer: It is a burning awareness of one’s own egoism, meanness, laziness, and so on. This is the bottom.

Question: If such a terrible bottom has been revealed, such a hell, as you say, what should a person do?

Answer: He has a very good way out. He feels that it is in this state that he can cling to the Creator, otherwise not.

Question: One way or another, do you need to feel the bottom in order to cling to the Creator?

Answer: Moreover, it is such a true, true bottom when there is nothing else, only this depth, only this abyss, and from it there is only one way out: to the Creator. It is very good. This is how everything is arranged; indeed, it is arranged with amazing love.

Question: So I reach hell in practice—this burning internal combustion—and all this is from some higher love?!

Answer: Yes. And in this you begin to feel the true love of the Creator toward yourself. And you feel how your own contempt, powerlessness, cowardice, and so on burns you.

Question: Does everyone have to reach this point?

Answer: Each in his own measure. But this is not something supernatural. This is all the awareness of one’s own nature.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/30/21

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