What Can’t Be Repeated In The World?

610.2 Only the possibility to make a copy is the true criterion of originality. Only authentic truth can be the object of imitation or parody (attributed to Jacques Derrida).

Question: Is there anything in the world that cannot be repeated?

Answer: The only thing that cannot be repeated in the world is the creation of something from nothing. This is the prerogative of the Creator. Everything else can be repeated because you will already be making from what was created out of nothing.

Question: Is there an inner point from this in a person?

Answer: Each person has his own point that breaks away from his egoism and gives him the opportunity to create out of himself a likeness to the Creator. To the extent of this similarity, he will be called man – Adam. “Adam” – from the word “Domeh” (similar).
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 12/6/21

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