We Must Be Eternal!

712.03Comment: Man has always looked for a way to prolong life. He believed that his life should be eternal.

My Response: We need to achieve this! We just need to go to a different level of life. Man really should be eternal. We must be! We have a need for this, and Kabbalah can help us.

But for this man must rise above the animal level. An animal cannot be eternal. Two thousand years or three thousand years of existence is still not eternity.

A person must think about how to achieve eternity during his life. It does not depend on how many years he will live, but on the intensity with which, when working on himself, he will correct himself in the right way, rise above his egoism and reach his spiritual state above the egoistic animal state.

Then the level of man will develop in him and he will feel his eternal perfect life, which actually exists.

I think we will come to this. We will have another medicine that will correct us from the inside and raise us above the level of egoism, above all problems. As a result, we will become completely healthy.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up—Anamnesis” 2/19/10

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