The Way A Caterpillar Crawls

507.05There are long periods of time during our spiritual development when we seem to be doing nothing and cannot move forward or backward. But at least automatically I am present at the lessons, and this is also movement forward.

That is, I give the opportunity to the upper light, the Creator, to influence me. I do as much as I can, yes, but there is nothing to be done here. There are also such drowsy states when we act automatically and cannot do anything about it.

In fact, we can change that! It depends on the group, on the environment. Therefore, the most important thing is to try to perceive your group as the highest state. If I want to climb a step higher, then I must become included in the state of the group.

Then I will see that it is even higher, and then I will climb even higher. That is, every time I kind of pull myself up: I feel the group as something higher and pull myself up to the group, become included in it, and so on.

This is how a caterpillar crawls, each time it pulls its parts to each other. So, I also need to do this: the group is in front of me and I reach up to it. I pull myself up, and I see that it is possible to do it even more because it is even higher, and I pull myself up more, etc.

That is, our whole way up is to constantly merge, connect, and adhere with the group. I do not need anything else, I have no other means for spiritual ascent.

Imagine this picture, and you will see that we all have a great opportunity for spiritual ascent.
From the International Convention ““Rising Above Ourselves” 1/7/22, “Annulling before the Friends” Lesson 2

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