The Vicious View Of Modern Medicine

220Comment: You called medicine egoistic. You said that if in its bases was human health and not making money, then everything would be different.

My Response: Not only that. The fact is that the view of medicine at the human system, at its body is a vicious view.

It pays attention only to each organ separately and not to the general body, to each individual person and not one’s connection with everyone else, not even just with the whole human society, but with the universe. Therefore, we cannot heal correctly. We only push the disease inside and thus survive.

Comment: There are very few doctors who understand this. They succeed if they make a diagnosis taking into account all human organs as connected, as a whole.

My Response: This is a very ancient approach. To some extent, it can be called an Eastern approach although in ancient times everyone had it. even those in South America, Africa, Asia, and the Far East. But it is not applied today. This is not the European approach.

The problem is that Europe, as an egoistically reborn healthy part of humanity, has followed the egoistic path in everything, including in science. And our sciences are rather one-sided. We cannot get to spirituality through them. There is no direct connection to reveal the upper world through them and reach it.

Unfortunately, our medicine can solve the problem of only one part of the body. There are eye doctors; ear, nose, and throat doctors; and so on. It seems as if these organs are not connected to each other. Such treatment to some extent gives us relief because we are all egoists, and we are treated by equal egoists with their egoistic approach and “snake” medicines. Indeed, the snake is the symbol of medicine. And in spirituality, it symbolizes egoism.

So, for now, everything is as is. But, in general, we are approaching a very serious crisis in discovering that this approach is fundamentally flawed.

What will come of it? Ultimately, it will be the revision of the whole approach as well as of everything that humanity has achieved until today. We will have to review all this and work on our errors.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Anamnesis” 2/19/10

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