The Upper Light Is The Medicine For Everyone

570Today we are in the very last moment of our exile from the spiritual when all the evil that can only be in humanity is manifested. As it is said in Prophets, terrible events are still possible. Let’s try for them not to happen. Let’s begin to correct ourselves before they force us to go to correction with great suffering.

At the same time, there is no need to blame anyone. We just need to tell people about what our mission is and not make a special calculation of who is right here or who is to blame. We are all in a state of isolation from the spiritual. We are all egoists, we are all uncorrected, we are all terribly sick with egoism. We are a cancerous tumor because we are completely disconnected from each other.

Therefore, we must come to connection, to mutual love at the level of souls, and call on the upper light to correct us. This is called the Torah.

It is said: “I’ve created the evil inclination, I’ve created Torah as a spice.” You need to see that you are an egoist. And religious education hides this from a person, encourages them to consider themselves perfect, righteous. Only by revealing egoism will a person understand that he is obliged to correct it and attract the upper light, because the light corrects. That’s when he will feel the correction.

I hope that Kabbalah will be revealed to all the people of Israel and also to the whole world. We will mutually help each other in general correction and come to a perfect state. And there is no point in starting to figure out who is better, who is worse. We are all sick and we all need the same medicine—the upper light.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Coming Back” 3/22/10

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