To Give Someone Else Happiness

630.2Question: Please tell us how Kabbalah relates to adoption?

Answer: Adoption is a good thing, of course, because we are talking about orphans, about people who have no relatives. And when you make them feel that there is someone nearby who cares for them, who loves them, etc., then adoption turns into an action similar to the action of the Creator.

The same way as we would like to find something higher, stronger, and superior, something that would help, endorse, and support us adults. And for a child, there is such emptiness, hopelessness, there is such desperation when he has no one to turn to, no one around! We cannot even imagine it.

Therefore, adoption—if it is really good adoption–is the most giving action in our world. And above it, there are spiritual attainments, human sensations.

Question: Can an adopted child grow to be at the same level as the biological child?

Answer: Even higher.

Question: When can that happen?

Answer: When a person really wants to get close to him and adopt him. Because those qualities that are the opposite of kindness—the Creator, connection, unification, which we reveal in ourselves as negative, as falls, and so on—they are given to us so that we overcome them and on their basis build connection and love, which are impossible without prior hatred.

Love will cover all sufferings. Therefore, a person who adopts actually has a much greater opportunity to show his love for another than an ordinary biological relative.

Question: Because of it he can rise higher?

Answer: This is higher. We see how this is revealed to us in Kabbalah and in humanity today, to what extent we are opposite, distant, in some kind of hatred for each other, and so on. This is only to reveal the opposite of love.

Question: So this is where love is revealed, when you take a child? And do you adopt him out of pity for him or out of self-pity because you are alone, because you have no children of your own?

Answer: It is natural. Man acts from the state in which he is.

Question: Which intention is correct and works?

Answer: Giving happiness to another.

Comment: It is a winning answer really!

My Response: Yes. But do people understand it? At least, in any case, this is a very noble, special act. And all efforts of someone who performs such an act are really great.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/25/21

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