The Property Of Lot—Inducement To Contact

294.2Question: Why was Lot not destroyed? What is this property?

Answer: Lot is a relative of Abraham. The scanty absence of participation in Lot for others does not lead humanity to a state where it cannot be corrected.

Although he was in Sodom, he still accepted the aliens, treated them differently. And such a motivation in a person, when he can somehow make contact with others, deserves correction. Therefore, Lot remained alive.

But his wife did not. She looked with regret at the place she left, and therefore, turned into a pillar of salt.

Comment: Your teacher Rabash writes that it is the wife that is always associated in a person with the desire to receive.

My Response: Yes. This is the same desire of Lot, but still not his first nine Sefirot, but his Malchut.

Question: “Lot in the semantic translation is a curse (“klala“). What was his curse?

Answer: The fact that he still worked to isolate himself from others so as not to be in contact with anyone or anything, but since he nevertheless comes from the root of Abraham and has a connection with this common root, then he can be saved. Therefore, they deliberately entered Sodom to get Lot out of there.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/7/21

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