Spiritual Union: Likeness To The Creator

509To conclude an alliance with God means to reach such a state that we unite with the Creator through the power of bestowal and love in similarity to Him at a certain level.

Since our basis is egoism, the desire to receive, once we correct egoism to altruism, correct the desire to receive for oneself to the desire to bestow for the sake of others, we become like the Creator.

That is, the conclusion of a union means similarity to the Creator at a certain level. There is a gradation of 125 levels of our egoism. But if we consider this from the point of view of the Creator’s influence on us, then He influences the four levels of our egoism, and He Himself is at the highest, fifth level. Thus it is easier for us to divide our path into four parts.

Therefore there is a four-letter name of the Creator, that is, a four-stage manifestation of Him in relation to a person who ascends to the Creator and attains Him. And so we are talking about the conclusion of contact with the Creator or union—brit.
From KabTV’s “ Spiritual States” 12/28/21

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