Computers Will Ruin Us

294.2In the News ( “UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson told leaders at the COP26 climate change conference the world is at ‘one minute to midnight on that doomsday clock’, …

“Humankind is ‘treating nature like a toilet’ by continuing to use fossil fuels, the UN secretary-general has warned, after Boris Johnson told the COP26 summit that immediate action is needed to ‘defuse that bomb’ of climate change.
“The prime minister warned the climate change conference’s opening ceremony that humanity has “run down the clock” on climate change and must get serious about action, before rising sea levels swallow entire cities forever.”

Question: The 2021 UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow concluded. How do you think it ended?

Answer: It ended exactly with what it started.

Question: That’s right, nothing. Nobody made a commitment to cut emissions. Everyone had in mind how to restore the economy after the pandemic; the environment and climate will wait. The result was summed up by Prince Charles: “I just can’t believe how many times over the past 40 years I have made such speeches in all parts of the world, and everything is useless.”

Why does it all start and happen as always?

Answer: They have nothing in their hands. No strength. They can’t do anything, even against all these emissions. There is no way they can stop it. No way! To do this, they need to close all of industry in general. First of all, computers.

Because of all this confusion, all this attitude to the world, it all originates from the fact that people have created an evil connection between themselves.

Comment: Not even production, not carbon dioxide…

My Response: This should be dealt with later. But as long as we have such a terrible egoistic connection between us, nothing will help. We do not know how to create the right connections, and therefore, everything that they bring us is evil.

Comment: They will say that you are against progress.

My Response: I am against progress. Naturally! And they themselves say that progress in the form it is in is digging our grave.

Question: And what should we do? Cancel computers today or somehow change the direction of work?

Answer: We must use them, but only correctly. And that’s right; this is only if we cut off all these wrong connections between people. You see how they harm people.

Question: The main problem and the main reason for poor ecology, climate and so on is?

Answer: Wrong connection between people. And today it is through computer networks.

Question: And if we direct them to communicate correctly between us, then everything will be fine?

Answer: Good. And if not, then they will destroy us.

Question: Are they, in principle, directed against such communication?

Answer: They are directed against people. I’m not against the machines themselves, it’s metal. It is iron with silicone.

Question: Are you against such use of them?

Answer: Yes. But this is a means of communication between us. And therefore these means of communication between us must be changed! But how can this be changed if they are in the hands of all sorts of businessmen? And on top of everything these businessmen don’t care about anything. Anything! They only count money. And it’s crazy money, and for the sake of what is not clear.

Question: And why do they need this money?

Answer: For the sake of power over the world.

Question: There are so many problems! What is it for a man?

Answer: No problem. This is ecstasy.

How the world will deal with this, I do not know. But now it is slowly starting to get clear that if we don’t break this evil computer connection, if we don’t change it, then of course we will all be in very bad shape. A computer is simply a communication implementation.

Therefore, the first protest against Facebook and other networks, when they begin to openly manifest themselves as the selfish power of their owners over humanity, is, of course, incredible! I wonder where this will lead next.

Question: Do you not believe that a person can create something global with the thought of uniting humanity, doing good to people?

Answer: No. At this level, even more so. There must be completely corrected people with the correct understanding of the right methodology, the correct connection between mankind. They don’t have this at all. They have money, politics, influence, and power.

Question: How can we get around this? How can this connection be arranged?

Answer: Just as in the past there was a revolution against machines, now there should be a revolution against computer communications. Limiting it seriously and doing it only for the benefit of people, which I think, of course, is simply incredible. But in this direction.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/4/21

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