A Person Is Sustained By The Environment

945It is impossible for a man to raise himself and break out of his circle. It is like trying to lift myself by my own hair, and it is clear that I cannot do it.

Therefore, a person must get sustenance from one’s environment, that is, gain strength, the correct intention, and loftiness and greatness of the goal from the environment. If a person receives all this from the environment, then he will be able to raise himself above himself, above his egoism.

And we have many environments we get sustenance from: home, work, former acquaintances, and friends. But the most important thing is to put my group above all of them because as far as it will determine in me the highest properties and preferences of development, so I will be able to develop and not otherwise.

A person should check himself about how he can rise above the rest of the world, above all its potentials and attractions, so that the group can give him the utmost greatness, strongest feeling of the goal, which is that there is nothing higher than attaining the Creator and no possibility, no other means, of reaching the Creator except through the group.

Each of us already knows for sure that there is a little egoist inside him. And as we advance, we will reveal an even bigger egoist in us. It will grow and grow in us, as it is written: “Anyone who is greater than his friend, his inclination is greater than him.”

Therefore, we must constantly take care that the environment, the group, that shows us the path to spirituality, to higher development, from everyone in our surroundings, always prevails over all our other groups and values.

Therefore, if a person chooses a good environment for himself, then he gains time and effort. But the environment itself cannot be good or bad, it is the way we make it. We cannot change ourselves, but we can affect the environment we find ourselves in.

The Creator brings us into a group, puts our hand on good fortune and says: “Take it, I give you this opportunity!” And now it depends on a person how to realize this opportunity the Creator has given him. It is only to strengthen oneself in this environment. And strengthening depends only on how much we will raise the group in our eyes, move away from all our natural calculations, prerequisites, and engage in raising the right environment that will show us our goal and within which we can achieve this goal.

Therefore, if a person chooses a good environment for himself, then he gains both in time and effort. That is, each of us can very quickly achieve the goal. We determine the time, the amount of effort, and shortness of the path by raising the environment above ourselves. And then, by adhering to this environment, we fly straight forward to the goal of creation, to the full revelation of the Creator in us.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/8/22, “Deriving the Greatness of the Goal from the Friends” Lesson 4

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