Allah, The Creator, And The Taliban

273.02Comment: America has poured trillions of dollars into Afghanistan. It is now equipped with modern technology, missiles, tanks, artificial intelligence, everything.

And the Taliban on carts with Kalashnikov machine guns and bazookas, screaming just liberated Afghanistan from the Americans. This is contrary to our vital logic that you should build up your weapons.

My Response: The spirit wins!

Comment: Does the spirit win after all? They are not the nicest people. It is a blend of such evil. It drove out forces that came to build a more peaceful society.

My Response: It is better to ask differently: Who feeds the Taliban? Who supplies them? Who pays them? Who deals with them? Where do they get unlimited opportunities? They do not think of going somewhere to work. Apparently, by the way they act, they know for certain that they will eat today and tomorrow, and everything will be fine.

Others will take care of the work, and they will shoot. That is, behind-the-scenes work is going on in full.

Question: Still, I would like to ask about the work of the Creator. We have an alliance of sinners. Why can it defeat all other alliances?

Answer: Because they are united. They understand each other and work for each other. Therefore, there are no other forces against them.

Comment: But this is still evil.

My Response: They have an ideology. They want to spread this ideology to the whole world. And they say that whoever is with them will understand how good it is, how beautiful it is, how heartfelt it is. They will not tolerate any filth, no debauchery. Let women stay home. The men will work. Etc.

That is, everything is fine and there is no need to go beyond the framework of this ancient way.

Question: And does it work? Does it unite them and give them the strength to win?

Answer: Yes. I think the world will see that in the end, at the level of our world—apart from Kabbalah, apart from “love your neighbor” and attaining the Creator—many will follow them!

A primitive dictatorship, understandable to everyone, and mandatory for everyone. And if not, they kill immediately.

Question: So it will be either the fanatical dictatorship you are talking about or the dictatorship of “love your neighbor as yourself”? We have two dictatorships meet here.

Answer: Yes. But the difference is huge!

Question: But why don’t they accept the dictatorship of “love your neighbor as yourself”?

Answer: Man must come to this! This is something impossible! And there is fear. There is love and there is fear. You see what a huge difference this is! This is awareness!

Question: Fear always wins in this world. What are your hopes for love? You spread it all the time.

Answer: I have no hope. The only thing is what is inside, from within nature, space, humanity, from within, love still controls everything.

Question: And one way or another, through these blows, humanity will come to it?

Answer: It will come. It is inexplicable!

Comment: Yes, it is getting foggier and foggier.

My Response: But it is always the case. The greatest darkness is before dawn.

Question: But dawn must come?

Answer: Yes. There is no doubt about it!

Question: That is, the world, in one way or another, is governed by this spark of love? One way or another, will a single Creator exist for all religions, for the whole world, and will they come to this in such winding ways?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Through hatred? And that equals love?

Answer: Love.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/26/21

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