What Would I Say To Bill Gates?

962.3In the News (BBC.org):Solving climate change would be ‘the most amazing thing humanity has ever done’, says the billionaire founder of Microsoft.

“By comparison, ending the pandemic is ‘very, very easy’, he claims.

“Mr Gates’s new book, How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, is a guide to tackling global warming. …

“‘We’ve never made a transition like we’re talking about doing in the next 30 years. There is no precedent for this.’ …

“This has to continue to be a huge priority for the world year in, year out.

“The hope is ‘we get a bit lucky’ and succeed in developing innovative new technologies that really do solve the hard areas, he says.

“But he is optimistic that we can still avoid the worst effects of climate change.”

Question: If you would write him a letter, what would you say in it?

Answer: I would tell him this: “Bill, you are a good American guy, and I am glad that your heart hurts for the future of humanity once you are no longer alive. And you are not trying to fly far to other planets like Elon Musk to create some colonies there.

But you see, everything that you propose must be based on the change of man. Change the world, we have come to such a state when changing the world depends only on changing man. Directly! One to one.

So, you want the climate to improve? Change the person. You want less emissions—oil, gas and so on? Change the person. You want people to have less AIDS and all sorts of other diseases? Change the person.

You must put this in your head as the true, real, primary cause of everything because a person can do everything in the world except change himself.

How to change yourself? There is such a technique. It must be taught, it must be put into practice. Then we can actually change the world. Changing the world is in changing the person. Only!”

Question: So you propose to start studying your science?

Answer: I propose the study of the science of Kabbalah and to try more and more with its help to see how we can actually change the world. And changing the world can happen only by changing the person.

For example: if tomorrow you make some new discoveries and can neutralize half of all emissions into the atmosphere, it will not change anything in the end. It will not change! It seems to you that this will be a huge leap forward? No, it will not. You will see; everything that we do on earthly level will not help. It is necessary to change the person himself.

And this is already a complex solution. Only by bringing a person to a state where he can realize which of his actions are fatal to humanity and which are to its benefit can you change our future.

Otherwise what? Will you forbid everyone to use the oven, microwave, or own a car? It is impossible. It is necessary to change a person, his attitude toward himself, toward the environment.

A person should feel that if it is harmful, it should not be used! And he has practically no such prohibitions today. With him, all these prohibitions amount to: “more expensive versus cheaper.” So through all sorts of taxes, by anything, you will not achieve a thing. They will slip away anyway.

Comment: Still, he is not a stupid person. I think he would have asked you: “Dr. Laitman, you yourself say that this is human nature. If this is human nature, can it really be changed?”

My Response: This is the only method, and Kabbalah offers it. A method for changing, truly changing, a person. Therefore, it is the most ancient, the toughest science. But it is the only science that can actually cope with a person.

Question: What should a person understand?

Answer: Man is the center of this world. He can destroy it, he can destroy himself, or on the contrary, he can revive. That is, we need to make sure that a person understands that it is in his power and where he leads this world with each of his actions.

This is education.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/5/21

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