Means Of Contacting The Upper Force

528.01Question: Why is it impossible to contact the upper force directly?

Answer: Because each of us is an egoist. In order to create the property of bestowal, the opposite of egoism, in ourselves, we need to get together and try to influence each other in such a way as to create similarity to this property, similarity to the Creator. We, as it were, forcibly create the image of the Creator from our egoistic properties, above ourselves. To this extent, we begin to feel Him in ourselves.

Question: By developed the property of bestowal, will I be able to contact Him directly?

Answer: Only through a group. You do not possess such a property of your own, a private one. You remain an egoist.

If you are properly connected with several more people—at least with one more, although it is very difficult, it is better with a group of ten—treat them as the Creator, in bestowal, in love, in connection, and in support, study His properties together, and try to generate them together between yourselves, then you get not only a detector, but also a generator.

Question: Is the Creator a collective image?

Answer: No, this is how you do it.

Question: Does He also not see each of us separately?

Answer: We cannot talk about Him. We can say something only based on the model that we create between us.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 7/2/21

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