Hope Cures

291Doctors are certain that hope prolongs life. Therefore, they advise patients to be optimistic and hope for the best. Hope awakens such psychological mechanisms in a person that help the body recover and appreciate life. Hope starts in the head, then turns into a feeling, and strengthens all protective systems in the body.

So how can we develop such hope in a person? First of all, by external influence: films, conversations, and books that can encourage a person, support his hopes for the future, and give him life force.

In order to overcome despair, a person should try to rise to the level above it, to the next degree, and check from there where despair came from and why. It can be that it will lead a person to positive changes. Overcoming despair does not mean destroying it. Perhaps, on the contrary, all human development is due to disappointments when we despair of what we have and want things to get better.

You need to see despair as a means to advance. But this requires a good environment and support from friends. Friends must throw a rope to a drowning person and pull him out of a stormy sea.

Hope is an illumination from the future that attracts a person and pulls him out of the evil stream of life like a lifeline thrown to a drowning person in a river.

Hope is transmitted from one to the other like a virus. We need a national or even a global program that brings great hope to people, and we will thus move toward a good future.

First of all, a person must understand that everything that happens is good and that there is nothing bad in the world. All the evil we see is caused by the lack of good connection between us. It turns out that we only need to understand how to connect with each other with good connections in order to make our life good.

A person should be educated regarding this in the way a child is brought up in everything else. Initially, a child has only one innate instinct: to grab everything and put it in his mouth. But education makes a person out of him. Education should be such that it raises a person to a new level. A person should despair every moment, but still grasp the next moment and put all his hopes into it.
From KabTV’s “A Conversation with Journalists,” 12/1/20

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