Conception Is An Exit To The Spiritual World

608.02Comment: The first stage of a person’s spiritual development, like in the material world, begins with fertilization, when millions of sperms must enter the uterus in order for conception to occur.

My Response: True. In the spiritual, as in the earthly, a person must go through many states and choose the most correct one from them. This is similar to how a drop of semen makes its way through the birth canal into the uterus and reaches a place in it where it can connect to the uterine wall and begin development.

This is really similar to how a person in competition with himself, with his egoism, and not with other people, moves stubbornly and persistently forward, not allowing himself to get away from the goal. Even if he falls and loses strength, he still pursues his goal and realizes he is obliged to advance to it. It doesn’t matter at what speed, it doesn’t matter how smart and talented he is. The road will be mastered by the one who walks.

Question: So a person has to go through a thousand different states and only at one beautiful moment does conception occur?

Answer: Yes. Conception is an exit to the spiritual world, the first connection of a person, his soul, with the Creator. A person seems to be torn away from his egoism, from his personal benefit, and feels that a new quality appears in him, the quality of bestowal and love, which is higher than the egoism of our world.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 8/6/21

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