Can A Drug Addict Be Helped?

632.1Comment: This letter is a cry of the soul. “I am writing to you as the last resort. I am a long-term drug addict. Please help me get off!”

Answer: I do not have such a capacity to do something like this easily. The ability is only in you. You must get into an environment where this does not exist and cannot be. You must do things that will completely cut you off from this state. And then, after a fairly long time, you will be able to completely break away from this disorder.

Question: Psychology also says that it is necessary to find such an environment, sit down together, talk about it constantly, and so on. Practically, you are in favor of this materialistic psychology?

Answer: Yes, there is nothing else.

Question: Does the environment affect a person to such an extent?

Answer: Absolutely! If the environment can take him in, there is no escape for a person. Nowhere! Or he can then voluntarily enter this environment himself and expose himself to their influence.

Question: So, in general, he has only one way out?

Answer: Yes. Only to expose himself to the influence of the right environment.

Question: And what should a person do when he has such heavy withdrawal symptoms? Ups and downs, one way or another he will have them because he is already clearly trying to quit and not succeeding for a very long time.

Answer: There are things that I cannot imagine how humanity can fight against. Only if it were some kind of global or national program.

Question: But is it coming to this?

Answer: I hope so! It depends on the governments and they are not interested. It is better for them—let people smoke or do whatever and they will be doing their own stuff.

Question: Is the idea for people not to have social activities?

Answer: They do not need them. It is better to spend these billions on making people swallow drugs. Let them sniff, chew, no matter what they do.

Question: Now is the time of drugs, a person wants more and more to get away from this reality. Is this happening precisely in order to bring people to something?

Answer: To bring them to a state where they understand what kind of world they live in, to see, learn, and feel that this world needs them and they need it, that there is an opportunity here, like Pinocchio, to open the door and take a peek into another world, to get there behind this hearth.

A person must make sure that his nature is absolute harmful to himself and to others and decide voluntarily to change himself. And then everything will change.

Question: If this guy slowly comes to this idea with the help of the environment, then will he come out of this state?

Answer: Yes. Then he will come out. Otherwise he will not find anything. Of course, in my dreams I would like to create such societies, large groups, that would help each other, spend time together from morning to evening and from evening to morning.

In principle, humanity can do this very quickly. Can you imagine a huge number of people do not need any work? They only need to be trained and they, in turn, will teach others. We can go through this very quickly.

Question: With the help of these social circles? Even virtual ones?

Answer: Of course!

Question: And this is how humanity will move forward all the time—helping each other. And what are they moving toward? What would you direct all these circles to if this is your dream?

Answer: To the fact that they connect more and more with each other, and in the right connection between them, they begin to reveal the true meaning of existence, of nature.

They discover in nature a single inner force, connection, love, mutual integration, connection. Apart from that, there is nothing else. All of nature merges into one single force—mutual bestowal.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/1/21

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