By The Will Of The Creator

49.03Question: Does a person act according to his own will or to the will of the Creator?

Answer: A person always acts according to the will of the Creator! He has no freewill of his own. The only matter is to get rid of the illusion that we supposedly have free actions and that we act on our own. No, we all perform the actions of the Creator. Absolutely!

If we agree with this, we are in the right mutual connection and this leads us to the revelation of the Creator. To the extent that you want to do what He tells you, you do it. It is advisable not to prevent your actions and desires from meeting His desires. If you go against it, then you feel bad. All our sufferings and problems are only because we are doing His will unwillingly and unconsciously.

Baal HaSulam says a lot about this. Starting with the first article in Shamati, he immediately writes that there is no one else besides Him, that is, there is no other power besides the power of the Creator. The fact that it seems to a person that he has his own power, his own strength, is only from the fact that he is in concealment.

We must remove this concealment from ourselves. It is removed to the extent that I want to do what the Creator sends me. If I agree to implement all His control signals, then I reveal what I was in before but did not want to understand.

Thus, in our actions, we can never contradict the Creator in anything, but in thoughts and in intentions, we can. Therefore, all we have to do is correct the intention.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference”

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