Based On A Spiritual Connection

549.01Question: How can a man and a woman go above the animal level at the beginning of a relationship, that is, above the hormones that prevail in us, and consider the person more deeply than satisfying our egoistic needs?

Answer: I do not think that you are at such a level where you make any connections with each other based on some spiritual goal. There is no such a state yet. We hope that someday it will begin to appear between us.

At least, it is desirable for a material connection to arise based on a spiritual one so that there is some common passion, a common goal in life, and you understand each other more. It is necessary.

If people do not understand each other, it is very hard for them. We know from the families in which either a husband or a wife studies the wisdom of Kabbalah, how hard it is for them to live together. But they must definitely save the family, whatever it takes!

That is why I believe that the most important thing for you is to make acquaintances in our particular society.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference”

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