The Role Of A Kabbalist Teacher

938.04Question: What is the teacher’s part in the system of the spiritual Partzuf? Is he Keter that illuminates or Malchut that absorbs?

Answer: The teacher’s role, just as the role of the Creator, is not the actual Partzuf. With regard to you and to your ten, the teacher and the Creator are the external forces that format the group according to its desire.

If a small child, for example, yearns for something, wants something, or does something, he is constantly corrected while he doesn’t even pay attention to that and doesn’t know why or for what purpose. He is given a toy, he is put in a certain place, and then in another, etc.

The teacher performs such external actions with regard to the group. The Creator is already the general force that operates everything, including the teacher himself.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 12/2/18

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