My Thoughts On Twitter 3/11/21

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Humanity has gained new experience: what it’s like to live without the “toys” it is used to. Restricted conditions, detachment from work and entertainment, has woken us up to think more seriously about life and to have a different attitude to what is happening. More and more often, we will ask the question: how and what for do we live?

We have to become more serious in our decisions and actions. Like children after being punished, we have to understand that we have to improve and follow the laws of nature, become more united, not inflict harm on one another—since there is no choice: we live on one planet.

There is no #punishment from the Creator’s side. The #lockdown for a year is not a punishment, but correction. Nature wants to teach us to enjoy bestowal and love for the neighbor. For now we lack the understanding and taste for this. Soon we will see that there is no going back to the past. Great changes are coming.
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“The suffering of many is half of the consolation.” After a lengthy #lockdown, people’s #joy enhances the excitement of returning to the prior lifestyle. But the Creator will “ruin” this excitement. He will show the path of development to humanity in new forms. #Nature will defeat us— we will follow its laws.

From Twitter, 3/11/21

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