Run After The Crowd Or Go Against The Tide?

423.03Question: There is a term “to run after the crowd,” to be under its influence. Is it possible not to run after it, but to go against the stream?

Answer: It is very difficult. The influence of the enormous human mass on an individual is almost irresistible. It is necessary to rise above all this mass, to unite with the upper force that controls it and to be at the level of the manager.

But a person cannot just tear himself away from the masses. He must oppose it with the force of a higher degree.

Question: We should not go against the current, not fight, but rise?

Answer: Otherwise, nothing will work! You will still fall under yourself or under others. You have to be under someone, because a person is an egoist.

Question: How often is it necessary to change the environment in which a person is and whose influence he receives?

Answer: Every minute! Why should I restrain myself if I can always fall under the influence of a more progressive society? More kind, more just.

Question: But, in theory, it needs to be checked?

Answer: It already depends on my preparation. But time plays no role here. A person can move so intensively that changes in external influences will occur in him literally once a minute.
From KabTV’s “Ask a Kabbalist” 1/12/21

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