For Whom Is The Wisdom Of Kabbalah Intended?

49.01Comment: Uncle Peter, who works as a street cleaner, lives in our building. He is a very kind, good person, whose integrity and honesty are absolute. I can leave him my home keys and go away for two or three days, and I can count on him to accompany my kid wherever he needs to go and so on.

I can say that the light is revealed through him this way, and he surely doesn’t need any special knowledge, a ten, or any other connection in order to be in the state of the light and purity.

My Response: Of course he doesn’t need any of this information if he is such a person by nature. The wisdom of Kabbalah is intended for people who have a huge, corrupt, uncorrected ego and who want to correct it themselves. They understand that they want to attain something.

Uncle Peter doesn’t want to attain anything and everything is fine with him, he has everything. He is totally satisfied, independent, and this is the reason he behaves the way he does. But a dog in the yard that is happy with what it has can also behave this way. Such people are undoubtedly kind, but they are not beneficial in the correction of humanity because they have no inclination to do so.

Only uncorrected egoists who want something and cannot find peace in their ordinary life reach the wisdom of Kabbalah. They feel bad in this world and they cannot stand it or themselves. They feel that their attributes are not corrected and therefore should be corrected. This is actually the reason that this world was given to us.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 11/25/18

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