When The Generation Is Unworthy

Laitman_051Remark: Baal HaSulam wrote that the desires of people would begin to develop toward spirituality during the period he lived in.

My Comment: If they told me twenty years ago that I would give lectures all over the world, I would certainly not have believed it.

Question: Would it have been possible to see this according to its spiritual roots?

Answer: It would not have been possible to such an extent.

Question: Can you see what will happen in another 20 years? For example, instead of 120 groups, will you have 220 groups?

Answer: This doesn’t depend on me. Baal HaSulam also wanted to do everything quickly; but he did not succeed. They even forbade him to publicize his books. But he still hoped he would be able to print and publish them.

Remark: It is amazing that Baal HaSulam, such a high-level Kabbalist, believed that his generation was unworthy of these books.

Answer: He understood that the generation was unworthy because they forbade him to publish his books. And we are progressing in spite of everything and we even have another level of dissemination. We can advertise in newspapers, we have our own voice on social networks and so forth. But still this is not enough.
From the Kabbalah lesson in Russian, 12/24/2017

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