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By revealing to the nations the role of #Jews in the descent of the Upper Light to our world (Baal Hasulam, “Messiah’s Shofar“) we hope to awaken in them the desire to fulfill of their mission, as said by Isaiah the prophet.

All the increasing crises and the wars of Messiah, are generally happening to force the Jews unite and thereby attract the Upper Light that will change the world—from hatred and selfishness to bestowal and love. #Auschwitz

The power of thought is the greatest power in creation. We do not see how thoughts define everything that is happening. We need to learn to see the network of forces that pervades and governs the world. #Kabbalah describes how we manage the world with our own thoughts.

In Babylon and Egypt there was abundance but no answer to “What am I living for?” This question forced the Jews to exit Egypt and head for the Creator, who was the reason for it. To attain the meaning of life is to attain its source—the Creator. Today this question arises!

Introduction to The Book of Zohar: Liberation from the nations’ growing pressure depends on engaging in The #Zohar and the inner part of the Torah (Kabbalah). All destruction in the world and the fall of the people of Israel is because #Jews abandoned the inner part of the #Torah

The Polish Syndrome: The world won’t change at all regarding the “Jewish question” unless, of course, we change. Unless we give the world the essentials: love, concern-free life, and confidence in the future—the key to happiness. #Jewish

Henry Ford: Jews are obliged to fulfill the prophecy thru which the nations will receive the blessing. If #Israel realized that its world mission won’t be fulfilled thru the golden calf it’d become a factor in unification of mankind currently disturbed by the behavior of the Jews

February 20-22 I invite you to the Kabbalah Congress (#Israel). You will learn about the wisdom of #kabbalah and structure of our world, what guides our actions, how to penetrate the matter of our world and enter the system that governs it, and receive max benefit for us all.

-What does it mean to sense reality as undisturbed?
-When I come with the quality of bestowal, concerned with doing good to others, filling their desires, to give them what they want without self-interest, the Upper World accepts me without obstacles, and I integrate into it.

From Twitter, 2/6/18

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