My Thoughts On Twitter, 2/3/18


The Creator is a force of good. He has created the “evil” force for us to reveal Him not by fighting but ​by combining these two forces! #Kabbalah #quote #Onespiritualforce_ML

#Psalms: In them, King David, a great ​Kabbalist, describes the entire spiritual path of man correcting his egoistic nature. He who wishes to correct it senses within ever new egoistic qualities, and aspires to come to a request for the Creator to correct him. #Kabbalah #Wisdom

#Kabbalist_advice -In the true reality, does the Creator exist in my friends? -The Creator exists in my friends, but not in the form I currently relate to them. When I escape my ego, I’ll come out of myself and into them, and discover the Creator in them. #EGOIST #ego #social

#Kabbalist_advice -Spiritual sensations are in me, in my soul. What do others have to do with it? -You cannot perceive the Upper World—the general field called the Creator if you don’t come to it through perceiving your friend as yourself. #Kabbalah #Wisdom

#Kabbalist_advice -Why is the upper force called “the acting mind”? -Because it’s a #mind that creates the creation with its thought. There is no other creating force in the universe. The highest force of nature is #thought. #Wisdom

#Kabbalist_advice -How does a kabbalist cope with negative emotions? -He attributes them to the Creator: “He inspires them in me, so that above the negative emotions I’d connect to Him.” #emotional #Motivation #quotes

#Kabbalist_advice – Is the soul necessarily from good or possibly from evil as well? – There are no souls from evil. The “evil” forces we see exist only for our development toward the good. Souls are always equivalent with the Creator. #Wisdom #Kabbalah

From Twitter, 2/3/18

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