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Every year people from most countries of the world, come to experience a unity that is beyond borders, beyond nations. A unity that is rooted in learning how to sense the innate wiring for connection we have, guided by the authentic Wisdom of Kabbalah. #convention #israel

My latest on @newsmax Suicide Rise After Robin Williams Signals Need for Media Revolution “… increase of almost 10% in suicide rates across the U.S. had a lot to do with how the media communicated the suicide to the public.” #suicide #robinwilliams

Psalm_95 Let us bow before our Maker. For He is our GOD & we are His people. O if you would heed His voice! For forty years I loathed this generation and I said: it is a people lost in their heart, they don’t know My ways. And I swore in My anger that they will not enter My rest.

Psalm_94. GOD of Vengeance, Judge of the Earth, recompense to the proud! How long shall they exult? LORD knows thoughts of man, so vain. Blessed is whom You chasten and whom You teach Torah. If the LORD were not my help, my soul would dwell in the grave. But GOD is my stronghold!

#Kabbalist_advice #”Sin” is when I disconnect from the thought that the Creator is in everything, and think that the life-giving, governing force isn’t really in control, but I am, or some other forces of nature are. #Wisdom #Kabbalah #quoteoftheday

#Kabbalist_advice – What does it mean to cheat on one’s spiritual path? – Changing the intention from bestowal and aspiration toward the Creator to the opposite. #Wisdom

Without profits #capitalism dies. The #markets are stagnant. Capitalism grows bubbles to ensure required measure of profits, but a crash is inevitable, as the #financial_bubble can’t last. But the ego can’t conceive of another principle. The answer lies in escaping the ego itself

Psalm_93 LORD King. He clothes with majesty, girded with strength. Firmly the world is established, will not be moved. Floods lifted their voice. Stronger than mighty waves of the sea- the LORD high up. Your testimonies are fully true, holiness befits Your house forevermore, LORD

#Kabbalist_advice Question: We know what crime is in this world. But what is a crime in the spiritual world? Answer: 1. There’s only one kind of crime in the #spiritual world: not growing closer with others so as to reveal the Creator in them. #Wisdom #success

#Kabbalist_advice 2. There is just one commandment, i.e. one good deed and one evil deed. A good deed is when you grow closer with others and reveal the Creator in this unity, and an evil deed is anything that opposes this. #Wisdom #success

A true #terrorist is everyone’s hatred toward others. By extinguishing it, we destroy the basis of evil in the world. #Motivation

The #Club_of_Rome came up with a new enlightenment idea. At the center of attention r problems of education & upbringing. Shaping a new mindset requires serious changes—self-restrictions won’t do anything, the ego won’t allow for any. We’re going to have to rise above it.

From Twitter, 2/12/18

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