Repentance Through The Group

Laitman_524_01Question: What does it mean to look at all problems through the “center of the group?”

Answer: Anyone can say that everything comes from the Creator. This is not a problem. The question is how does this obligate me and how do I react from my side?

We don’t need a group to humbly accept blows. And we don’t need a group just to ask about the Creator. But to be directed towards Him, we require a group.

So, as soon as we begin to ask ourselves about the meaning of life, we are brought to the group somehow. All of our work is done in a group. And this is not done in order to receive bestowal from the Creator. I get it this way from the outside world also. But the group makes it possible for me to react to this bestowal. For the problem is not about how to receive His bestowal; rather, it is how to respond to it, how to create contact with the Creator from my side.

I need to correct myself from within in order to be connected with the Creator. This is because the levels of ascent on the spiritual ladder are my gradual changes, levels of integration into the attainment of greater and greater resemblance and equivalence. I need to speak His language, to carry out the same actions, to approach His understanding, to be more and more congruent to Him.

Repentance Through The Group
Everything depends on me. He will reach me from anywhere; there is no doubt about this. Besides Him, there is nobody who operates on me. But without a group I have no possibility of responding. I simply don’t enter into the same dimension, the same space, the same matrix, and the same conditions in which He is found.

If I want to transform into being like the Creator, then I can do this by adhering to the group more and more. I need to create His image, and for this I need to connect the group with me until I ultimately transform to be like Him. It is necessary to pass through all the stages, 125 levels, in order to resemble the Creator. And all of this happens through the group.
From the Convention In France “One For All And All For One” 5/11/14, Lesson 5

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