Group Senses

laitman_938_04Our advancement in the modern world is different from it was in the past in that there is no need to struggle for nourishment, shelter, health care, and the like. We have already arranged the necessary conditions for physical existence for ourselves. So the blows will come from the wrong connection between us, societal and national disputes.

Essentially, deficiencies will no longer be physical; it will not be a sensation of hunger or discomfort but a sensation of heaviness and emptiness in life, which people will try to suppress with drugs and alcohol. Life will turn in a completely different direction if we don’t start with the right education and information.

The problem is that a person doesn’t see a goal before him.

Question: Which goals will be in front of us in the new world?

Answer: To see them, there is a need for a new sense—a “group” sense. This sense will be discovered as a result of the connection between people. We are entering into a stage of development such that we cannot see any suitable goal before us if we don’t supply ourselves with group or social senses.

I must observe things not through my eyes, but through the eyes of the group; hear not with my ears, but with the ears of the group. It is necessary to create an image of one person consisting of a multitude of people yearning to connect together into some kind of single whole. I begin to see life, its goals and the means for attaining them, through this collective image. Everything is only through this collective sense.

Question: Will any personal goals remain for me?

Answer: Personal goals will remain only in case that they are included in the goals of the group. I cannot realize them apart from others. A personal goal can exist only within the group and can be attained through group participation.

Question: But isn’t the group composed of individuals?

Answer: Individual people will disappear within a group that has a common goal. It is clear that everyone will be concerned for what is imperative for his existence: his house, his family. Yet if we are talking about the goal of life that his soul longs for and to which he directs all of his thoughts, aspirations, and yearnings, the goal will be within the group.

After all, a person will attain life on a higher dimension through the group. He will begin to differentiate between life felt through the physical body and life that is felt through connection with others, meaning through the soul. This is a completely different life on an absolutely different level of existence, with other goals, attainments, and powers.

Just as a cat cannot understand a person, so at the present time we are also not able to understand this common image that all of us build together when we connect in the right way.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/29/14

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