A Search For The Center Of The Group

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I understand what I have to do if I want to turn to the social committee. I have their email address and their phone numbers. But how do I turn to the center of the group?

Answer: The center of the group is an inner discernment, my feeling that this is the point where we connect. We descended from above while being connected, and then reached this world where this connection was totally broken. Now we have to rise back to the same state in which we were connected and then rise even higher upward to an even stronger connection.

We enter the patterns that have already been arranged for us during our descent. All these patterns, all the 125 levels, already exist. We only have to yearn for them.

Yearning for the center of the group is yearning for our higher state that already exists. I look for it in the dark, “on my bed at night.” I try to imagine what the state is like in which we are all connected and the Creator is revealed to us. What should this connection be like? I want to attain this form. This is the state I have to look for, to picture it from the state I am in now. I have to think emotionally about what our connection looks like so that we can all merge, so that our hearts will melt, and become one. If I try to picture this state, I get closer to it.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/20/14, Shamati #190, Shamati #59

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