Willingness For The Obscurity Of The New Level

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Before the lesson I think about the Creator, during the day I think about the connection with the group, when do I also think about the Light that Reforms?

Answer: The Light that Reforms is in all the gaps between my desire to reach a certain state and my reaching that state. The Light that Reforms is also between my current desire and the correct desire I should have.

The Light is in my lack of connection with the group, the lack of attraction that I feel, and the need for it, between the state of yearning when I am attracted to the group since I strongly feel its importance.

The Light is everywhere and in everything, in building the spiritual vessels, the restriction, the Masachim (screens), the intentions; in other words, whatever we do, we only need to think about the Light. Any change of the desire and any correction of the intention is possible only by the Light. Nothing operates except for the Light, neither negatively nor positively. We only need to add our component each time but without dictating to the Light what it should do exactly.

We only add the need for the changes, like a baby who wants something: He doesn’t offer any clever clarifications or specify exactly how it should be done, what should be done, and to what degree; he is totally dependent on the grownup.

I express this dependency in the society to such an extent that I don’t determine how the Light should operate and what it should do. The deficiency that is revealed is enough to help me adhere to the group even more, and the Light does everything else. It may even throw me to some new discernments, or to an unknown dimension; it is its business.

I use the only component that is up to me: the connection. I don’t even build this chain—my special connection with the group to affect the Light that Reforms—I don’t determine anything at all since I am always on a level of an embryo with regard to the new state, and I prepare myself to complete uncertainty. The most I can do is to be in state of smallness, like a small child.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/9/14

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