Trainers Of The Ego

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Does it follow that humility is not a single action; rather, a person must humble himself all the time? If so, when will a sufficient degree of such actions be gathered and a person will begin to live in two dimensions?

Answer: After a number of acts of humility like these, this breakthrough happens. But nobody knows exactly after how many actions. If a person is weak, they give him small actions to carry out, but their number will be greater. And a strong person can do this more rapidly, like a hammer that hews stone. But nevertheless, this has never been done with one blow.

Rabash described this as shots at the “heart of stone,” where every bullet leaves more and more new and larger grooves in the stone until an opening is created. How many shots this takes depends upon the intensity of the work of the person, on the power of the blows for which he is ready.

If the group supports a person, then he is ready to endure more and not run away immediately. In this case he can contend and even “give his teeth to the ego” in response to what is happening, this is a very unique intensification already. For you strike your ego “in your teeth” and not someone who stands in front of you, but someone inside of you. A person learns this gradually, if not from the advice of his teacher, then from his own suffering.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/12/14

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