The Secret Of The Pure Characters

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe inverse value of Lights and vessels is a law that operates and exists since the beginning of the world to its end. It stems from the fact that the greater the vessel, the desire, and the coarser it is, the greater the Light that will be discovered by it. In other words, the Light is revealed in the pure part by the coarse part.

The pure and transparent part from which the vessels begin to grow is called Keter. The coarse part of the vessel is called Malchut, and so Malchut determines the size of the Light that will be in Keter. This law is identical in all the ten Sefirot of everything: of a small cell, some part of the world, or all of reality.

There are actually two laws in the law of the inverse value of Lights and vessels:

  • One law is that I discover the Creator according to the size of my vessel, desire. This means that I discover the flavors of the food according to my hunger.
  • Second, there is the law of equivalence of form: the purer my vessel the more it is in equivalence of form with a greater and higher Light.

It turns out that I have a coarse part of the vessel by which I draw and discover the Lights, and there is a pure part of the vessel by which I feel all these Lights. This leads to many different outcomes in this world which totally confuse us.

In order to reach something high in art, for example, people need to devote a lot while being very tough, coarse, physical people. Looking from the side, it seems that they float in some upper spheres, but in fact they are quite “heavy” people.

“He that is greater than his friend, his desire is greater.” This stems from the inverse value of Lights and vessels, even here in the corporeal world. In order to attain something sublime and pure you have to go through everything in life, and only then will you be able to create some high work of art. You have to be greatly “soiled” and as a result you can reach the top.

So when become acquainted with pure characters we discover something totally different, since they contain everything. Thus, purity and Aviut (coarseness) are connected because the relation between something from something and something from nothing is inverse. On the one hand, something from something has to present itself, and on the other hand, something from nothing has to reveal its essence and the opposite pole that it lacks. This is how we attain spirituality.

We keep on advancing, get more soiled, fall into the mud, all generations roll into an abyss, and this is actually what prepares us for the very pure attainment. According to something from nothing, I discover the Light according to the Aviut of my desire, and according to something from something, I discover the Light according to the level of my purity. Therefore there are two parts in my desire: the thick part that draws the Light and the pure part that receives the Light.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/27/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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