A Filter Of Zero Ego

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If several people decide to do something, but each one is in his own ego, in his own perception of reality, and cannot concede to others, will the decision be right?

Answer: First we have to reach general equality. It is impossible to advance without that.

Each one has to do his best to annul himself and his own opinion in order to do what the book says, and what the author of the book and the teacher say. Otherwise a person doesn’t learn.

Only a person who feels that he is less than the teacher can learn: from me, from Rabash, from Baal HaSulam and all the great Kabbalists who stand behind us and who teach us. If a person doesn’t humble himself before everyone else, by seeing himself last on this chain and that he is not even part of this system.

If we could strain all the students here through a special filter, we could see who does and does not pass this test: his humbling himself to others, to the group, to the teacher, to the opinions of the authors of the books. So how many people would be left? As it says: “I have arrived and there is no one.” There are many bodies, but internally there isn’t even a Minyan (ten people). So we must first fulfill this condition.

Everyone thinks that he is the one who knows how to do things right, but he should not “think,” our role is not to think but to fulfill. After a person reaches certain spiritual discernments, he realizes that it requires annulling himself towards the group and he begins to incorporate in it, to see everything that happens through it from the perspective of the group’s benefit and not of his own, for the goal that Kabbalists write about. He receives this as if from the outside, as if he is a third party who isn’t related to it; that it, he makes a total zero of himself.

The main problem which stops us from reaching spirituality, from feeling it, and from starting to live in it is that we see everything through our ego, through the intention of in order to receive. We have to annul it a little bit, to set it aside, and then we get closer to the real perception and will be able to see everything the way it actually is. So we should constantly try to lower ourselves until absolute zero.

When a person reaches this level, he begins to perceive the goal independent of his ego, objectively, he should take it and run. No matter if he is capable of that or not, or whether he acts within reason or above reason, he will see the truth.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/18/14

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