Where Are You, Men?

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Mikhail Reshetnikov, Professor, Rector of the East European Institute of Psychoanalysis, St.-Petersburg): “Scientists talk about social issues – the emergence of a new type of men: a hybrid of the spoiled son and a cowboy, fighting for space under the sun. Concern is caused not by their infantilism, but a tendency to be aggressive in the desire to succeed.

“In the former USSR, the state made decisions and did everything instead of people. Since the time when the state has ceased to be the most powerful ‘parent,’ men themselves have to carry the entire burden of establishing their own life. In Western society before the crisis, everything was clear and divided as well.

“But today, upbringing by the family is lost; 50% of households are single parents; parents and educators are replaced by the TV and Internet, which promote aggressive behavior, the desire to win by force and at any cost. Young people do not have a positive image of the future. In the crisis of modern society we have lost a vision of the social ladder – a degree and knowledge do not help break through. And even a greater crisis is ahead!”

My Comment: Only education will help us support young people, to fill them with a good attitude to life and the world, to show values other than material ones, to instill a desire to receive fulfillment from communication, from the revelation of higher existence, with an equal and fair distribution in which there is no room for struggle and competition. Nature has left us opportunities only for this scenario of life. Our success depends on how much we can fit into this model.

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