“Time For Science To Seize Political Power”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from NewScientist): “In your wildest dreams, could you imagine a government that builds its policies on carefully gathered scientific evidence? One that publishes the rationale behind its decisions, complete with data, analysis and supporting arguments? Well, dream no longer: that’s where the UK is heading. …

“What has changed now is that informed policy-making is at last becoming a practical possibility. That is largely thanks to the abundance of accessible data and the ease with which new, relevant data can be created. This has supported a desire to move away from hunch-based politics. …

“The biggest need is perhaps foresight. Ministers often need instant answers, and sometimes the data are simply not available. Bang goes any hope of evidence-based policy.

“’The timescales of policy-making and evidence-gathering don’t match,’ says Paul Wiles, a criminologist at the University of Oxford and a former chief scientific adviser to the Home Office. Wiles believes that to get round this we need to predict the issues that the government is likely to face over the next decade. “We can probably come up with 90 per cent of them now,’ he says.”

My Comment: Of course, all these are excuses because politics is not rational decision-making, but promoting one’s narrow egoistic goals. Scientific methods of data processing and decision making lead to no good because human egoism is at the end of this process, and it will do anything to tilt decisions in its favor. Thus, before making objective decisions, you must make an objective person.

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