The EU Is Insolvent And Collapsing

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (George Soros, investor, philanthropist, chairman of Soros Fund Management): “As Open Europe blog notes, Soros fears that ‘there is a real danger that the [Euro] solution to the financial problem creates a really profound political problem.’ The interview with Dutch TV shows Soros’ grave concerns that the Southern nations are ‘being pushed unwittingly… into a long lasting depression,’ as Germany’s austerity program is ‘counter-productive – cannot actually succeed.’ Just as we recently noted the similarities between the European Union and the Soviet Union, so Soros believes the ‘Euro’ itself is ‘bound to break up the European Union.’ It may take generations, he notes, as a terrible tragedy of ‘lost political freedom and economic prosperity.’”

Opinion (Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament): “As President of the European Parliament I was forced to acknowledge that in October 2012 the EU was already essentially insolvent. Although the bills for November and December had not yet been submitted, in October the shortfall already amounted to EUR 9 billion. … In a laborious process which did indeed see some Member States refuse for weeks on end to make outstanding payments, two-thirds of the shortfall of EUR 9 billion was scraped together. The remainder was carried over to the financial year 2013, as were the shortfalls for November and December 2012, which had not even been taken into account in the supplementary budget. Accordingly, we effectively began 2013 with a deficit of EUR 16 billion.”

My Comment: Undoubtedly, any attempt to impose unification without appropriate education to change a person from egoistic to integral will give the same results in different countries and systems because we are dealing with the system of nature, that is, with science, so we should comply with its laws!

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