If You Want To Be A Hero, Be That Person

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Smithsonian): “What happens in these types of fantasy worlds also translates into real-life behavior, but in a different way: People who are given superpowers meant to save someone in virtual reality are more helpful outside of it. …

“This finding … relies on the illusion that what happens in virtual reality is real. Participants viewed the world through a head-mounted display, a helmet that provides three-dimensional stereoscopic views of a high-resolution rendered environment. An orientation sensor on the helmet tracked participants’ physical head movements and updated their rendered first-person perspective. To enhance the seeming reality of the experience, virtual sound was added to match the movement of objects and the vibration associated with action.

“In the study, each participant was placed separately in a virtual environment and either given the power of flight, a la Superman, or was a passenger in a helicopter. They were then assigned to one of two tasks. The first involved searching through a virtual city for a young, lost diabetic child in need of life-saving insulin, which they were told they held in a vial in their pocket. …

“After the virtual experience, the experimenter assisting participants ‘accidentally’ knocked over a cup of pens, allowing the participants the opportunity to help pick them up. The researchers found that regardless of the task, those who used superpowers to fly through the fantasy world were quicker to help pick up the pens compared to those who rode in the virtual helicopter. …

“How can a simulation trigger such prosocial behavior? The researchers suggest that embodying a superhuman quality in virtual reality primes people to think like superheroes, such as Superman. Researchers made no mention of the word “superhero” or the prefix “super” at any point during the experiment. But by simply possessing a superhuman ability, participants seemed to tap into what they know about the characters that have them—that they use their power for the greater good rather than personal gain. Researchers believe cognitive channels linking ‘super’ activity and its related stereotypes to heroism and helping behavior may have opened up, influencing participants’ decision to help.”

My Comment: Following your dream, you need to understand how to make it come true in reality. If the dream is correct, that is, it coincides with the reality according to the plan of Nature, then from that future reality already existing in the virtual world, you can attract a force that realizes the dream; this force is called the Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif).

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