Free Cashflow In The Economy

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (from Spydell): “An incredible ability to ignore the problems of the financial markets is surprising. Just on Friday, they saw a projection of a serene bright future, and now again the crisis began. There was no crisis on Friday, and now it has started to up again in a few days.

“The situation comes to the point of absurdity. To raise the GDP, you need to eat a lot, which will increase sales of food and fast-food income. But after that, people will be sick with obesity and diabetes, which will increase revenues of pharmaceutical companies and drug sellers. The more you eat and get sick, the better it is for the economy and corporations, but it is worse for you. The bad environment also positively affects the economy because the number of diseases grows, and revenues increase in proportion in the health sector.

“The more deadly weapons produced, the better economy is, but accordingly, there are more wars and killing.

“Sooner or later this craziness with endless growth must end. The economy of growth violates the natural limits of living organisms; no single organic being is capable of either growing or living forever. Even the poorest category of the population in developed countries live at the level of gods of the poor Asian and African regions. … Society adapted to the subsidies and is not going to boost consumption, especially when the shelves are full of goods.”

My Comment: Infinite growth is impossible, not only because there are natural limits of the planet and the population, but also because our desires grow not only quantitatively, but qualitatively, meaning there is a sense of desolation and apathy, emptiness, yearning for drugs, suicide; there is a new void that cannot be filled by anything from the world around us; the question of meaning is rebooting; we are coming to the next stage of our development, when fulfillment will come mainly from the revelation of the upper world, and consumption will be only to the extent necessary for existence. The changing desires will inevitably lead us to this.

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