Behind The Horizons Of Correction

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “A Speech for the Completion of The Zohar”: But in our generation we have been rewarded with the Sulam (Ladder) commentary, which is a complete interpretation of all the words of The Zohar. Moreover, not only does it not leave an unclear matter in the whole of The Zohar without interpreting it, but the clarifications are based on a straightforward analysis, which any student can understand.

Of course, this is not referring to the “man on the street” opening The Book of Zohar and the Sulam Commentary and immediately understanding them. The Book of Zohar is written from a level of the final correction; this happened only once in history, in Rashbi’s group. Other Kabbalists did not have the opportunity to attain this level of revelation, and only about ten percent of them could somewhat understand what is said in the book.

The dissimilarity between the steps of attainment is comparable to the disparity between the vegetative and animate levels of nature, or between a dog and a human being, or between the “linear” or “round” world; in other words, it’s a difference between the prior world that lives in compliance with simple egoistic laws and a new world that currently starts to emerge and acts in accordance with the laws of unity. Previously, individualists succeeded, and now only those who are able to unite will prosper.

And yet, even though the world has already started to self-correct and aspire to the end of correction, it still happens in a linear manner; it doesn’t’ matter that the “line” includes various steps, screens, and levels of unity of its own, it isn’t yet the unity, the integral system, that will be achieved at the final correction. At that stage, the picture will be quite different and I cannot imagine it.

Today, we think about the relationship and mutual interests of “one man with one heart,” meaning about the unity of Israel, the Torah and the Creator, but what will result there, I don’t know. As we are approaching a truly integrated system of the end of correction, which differs from what Kabbalists attained throughout the past millenniums by our uniting with each other, we are beginning to understand that there are laws that are beyond the spiritual laws.

It’s not simply a channel of connection, not a “line” or a “width” of a desire that is covered by a screen and shielded by the reflected light, nor is it the lights of NRNHY or Sefirot KHBZON. At that stage, new forms of connection will emerge. Possibly, for example everybody would be able to use the screens of others.

One way or the other, we are talking about a qualitative leap that is yet totally unclear to us. So, we should at least be aware of this gap, this difference.

In this world, everybody is an egoist, but at this stage of our development we are all facing the condition of global unity. If we could see the real picture in which we are inseparably interconnected and linked together, it would be very clear that each of us is unable to do anything at all until we establish correct relationships with others. But who has the appropriate intellect and feeling? Who has the nerves to handle it? Who is able to grasp all the details and tolerate inevitable tension?

Eventually, each of us stays in his own “corner” without having any energy to act. If I depend on thousands of other people, my current world outlook would simply deprive me of any hope; I would remain motionless. The world would stop moving, freezing in immobility. This explains why each new state shows up in us progressively and gradually forces us to self-correct, so that we avoid hitting a deadlock.

So it is in spirituality, we advance in the spiritual world through screens and collaboration, like the Kabbalists of the past. However, at the end of correction, a totally different state will be awaiting us. On the way, we expand the integrated system we gradually gain, but today, it still does not commit us to a complete interdependence, which will arise as a result.. This is the level, from which The Book of Zohar was written, from the level of the end of correction.

Therefore, if Baal HaSulam was given a chance to create commentaries on this book, it means that he reached the same level as Rashbi. Moreover, I would say even more than that, because he was able to adapt the commentary to those who are beginning the path from the level of this world, not yet embarking on the spiritual ladder, not even close to the end of correction. Nevertheless, these people are still sensitive to the impact of a “round” system, even though it’s presented to them in its material form.

Baal HaSulam speaks of the necessity to disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah to all. It means that our connection with this world has already created a connection with the “circles” through the material “circles” of the global world and through the higher spiritual circles that are a part to our path to correction. This is why we are allowed to reveal the Kabbalistic method to everybody, and the works that were written from the highest level.

Thus, except for the books of Baal HaSulam, we don’t have anything to disseminate. There are no other materials that are suitable for our generation, which is on the beginning of the road that leads to the final correction. “The circles” that belong to that level are already active and shine on all of us and onto the entire world.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/7/13, “A Speech for the Completion of The Zohar

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