A High Salary Does Not Help with Depression

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Let us say that over the course of integral education, people have felt one another very well and become friends. How is this beneficial to the employer? Friendship is good, but what will happen to productivity?

Answer: Currently, the available data shows how people’s stubbornness, their inner hostility, their lack of desire to work and advance, stalls any productivity and scientific research. Statistics show that the productivity of an unhappy employee is 40% less than the productivity of a happy one, and these are good results because usually, the “hidden rocks,” the different obstacles, and the lack of desire to work stall productivity even more.

However, the advantage of the integral interconnection comes through in a direct improvement of productivity, a decrease in absences due to sickness, better attitudes toward one another, a stable family, and improvement in every aspect. Not only does the person feel a general improvement in his mood and thus works better, and not only does he become friendlier toward others, but together, they all feel that their common work gives them something. The person becomes so fulfilled that the salary becomes less important to him than the pleasure he receives from work, even if it is a low paying job.

Man is a simple being; he is not a mechanism, nor is he an animal that blindly obeys its instincts. This is why when we refer to a “salary,” we imply the entire combination of pleasure a person receives from work, creativity, and his union with others, from the fact that he enjoys work, that he is not as tired since there are no more conflicts, that there is general kindness in his family since he comes home from work in a good mood.

This way, people start feeling so fulfilled by the general complex of sensations that according to the dynamic of the development of humanity, people will not be working for a salary. In reality, there will be communism, not the kind of communism the Soviet society practiced, but the kind that really will provide people with the necessary normal, rational existence. However, all his pleasure actually will come from the integral system because he will receive fulfillment, the feeling of kindness, and plenty of nice sensations from all the other people.

A person changes and thus, he needs a greater fulfillment. There is no way to avoid this. We see that namely in the countries that have high salaries and social assistance, for example, the countries of Northern Europe, a large percentage of people are depressed. And what about the number of suicides in developed countries? This is because people do not yet receive the fulfillment that they need at the end of their evolutionary development.
From a TV Program “Professional Secrets” 2/3/2013

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