When Is Love Revealed?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: A prayer, this is what my heart cries. You often give an example of the ten Kabbalists who felt hatred before they discovered love. Actually, at the moment, their prayer was to erase each other, and instead of it love was revealed. How is that possible?

Answer: That wasn’t their prayer. The Creator arranged that. In The Book of the Zohar, it is said that each time, before mutual work, the authors of The Book felt that the hatred helped one another. They had to concentrate together on the intention, to rise above that hatred, to discover the love within them, and within this new level to write The Book. It was constantly this way.

To them, millions of different reasons appeared to separate them from the connection, from the group, not to mention that the hatred at these levels is a terrible trap that is placed there by the Creator.

Question: I understand that with me it isn’t the same hatred. But if, when I feel strong hostility toward a friend, do I need to catch myself in this, stop, and try to rise above the hostility, to understand that the Creator is giving it to me?

Answer: From the beginning, one needs to determine where it is in you, to recognize that it is not you. You are a cog mechanism, in which certain data was now planted, and you feel it within you, and thus you think that it is yours. Where does this implant come from? From the Creator. He implants in you this data so that you will change into its opposite and create a connection with Him so that He will be revealed specifically in the group, specifically in hatred, in alienation.

If the group is indifferent, then it is very difficult to work with it. You need to finish this stage as fast as possible. The hatred gives a kind of awakening, and the state of indifference is, as if, rather foggy. Start working on building the connection between us, and you will see serious forces of rejection.
From the Novosibirsk Convention 12/9/12, Lesson 6

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