We Cannot Reach The Upper World Without Mutual Concern

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I hold the intention correctly when I am not in my proper environment, for example when I am on the street?

Answer: It’s very difficult to hold the intention outside of your environment. Here, indeed, you need the friends’ help. When you go outside to the street or start doing external things, various problems arise. You begin to be distracted, and if you drive a car, others honk, whistle, etc. so everything disappears because you can’t yet be in two worlds. So, you constantly need to feel the support of friends, as if you are under the influence from yours or any other group in the world.

Our common concern for each other, Arvut (Mutual Guarantee), should be manifested here; otherwise, we will not be able to reach the upper world. If we don’t care about each other, we are not the general Kli (vessel), as it is written: “Each man shall help his neighbor.”
From the Virtual Lesson 12/23/12

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