Our Universe Is Simulated

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Silas Beane, physicist): “There is a famous argument that we probably do live in a simulation. The idea is that in the future, humans will be able to simulate entire universes quite easily. And given the vastness of time ahead, the number of these simulations is likely to be huge. So if you ask the question: ‘Do we live in the one true reality or in one of the many simulations?’ the answer, statistically speaking, is that we’re more likely to be living in a simulation. …

“In our universe, the laws of physics are the same in every direction. But in a grid, this changes since you no longer have a space-time continuum, and the laws of physics would depend on direction. … I gave a lecture on this topic the other week and the turnout was amazing. Half of the people looked at me as if I was disturbed and the other half were very enthusiastic.”

My Comment: I understand him perfectly, but as always with a breakthrough, scientists get hit by the ignorant, and they need to be prepared for criticism and wait patiently until people mature…

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