Individualists Also Need A Group

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is very difficult to understand what the group is.

I have always been a loner, an individualist, non-communicative by nature, preferring solitude and books to everything else: I needed nothing else in life.

At 33, I began to study with Rabash. Then we did not have a group, except six to seven elderly men, among whom I was happy as a child among adults. But Rabash said I needed a group, and I thought: “What could be better than the people who had studied with Baal HaSulam and lived their life along with Rabash?” After all, among them I felt as safe as a baby in the arms of adults.

But Rabash said: “There is nothing to do, you need a group.” And I organized a group of 40 young men.

It was totally against my character. They were much better, friendlier, felt equal. And I always felt like an outsider; moreover, I still had to serve them, to help Rabash organize a group, although by nature, I could not bring myself to overcome it! It was very difficult to understand why a group was needed. The heart did not want to accept the condition that I had to reveal the upper world in it.

I thought that the upper world could be explored with the help of drawings, to understand them, to deepen one’s knowledge and feelings, and to start analyzing. This is known in physics, and I could not tear myself away from such a scientific approach. I drew, made sketches, and did just that until, finally, I started to comprehend a completely different scheme of the universe, from the other side.

I suddenly started to feel that in fact our world is the same upper world, but at its lowest level. It is closely linked with the rest of the worlds, which, being the copies of the higher level, go down lower and lower. In this case, the only change is in the material, which becomes increasingly coarser and at the very last degree turns egoistic, opposite to the material created originally.

But everything that we see in this world is absolutely identical to the upper world according to connection to the root in the spiritual world and its branch in our world.

Gradually, I started to get used to this system, understanding that this is the way it is, and there is nothing else. Therefore, we need to see what is behind our world and above it and that without correction, rising above this world, we will not succeed. This is the only way. By yourself alone, you cannot break into the spiritual world.

It turns out that you are tied by the entire network of this world and must rise together with it! There is no way out. You need to understand this system and become attached to it, although in a new way—for ascending, and then you will be able to realize yourself. This is from one side, if you look at the system from the bottom up.

And, from the other side, it helped me a lot that I began to study this system not from the bottom up but from the top down, from the Creator, as the Creator looks at the world from the top down, as He sees us in the corrected or uncorrected form and acts on us to pull us from our egoistic state to Himself.

These two opposite views, from the bottom up (how we should grow, constantly becoming similar to the next degree) and from the top down (how the Creator looks at us), then joined together, complementing each other. We have to work on them, clearly analyzing the path from the bottom up and the view from the top down.

Then Rabash’s articles about the group became more understandable to me, although at first glance they seem somewhat naïve and even instructive with consequential morality. But in reality, they begin to identify very clear laws that are much more strict and powerful than any natural laws. And all the laws of behavior—I would call them the “laws of commutation”—are based on becoming increasingly similar to the next higher degree, to entering it, to making contact with it, and inclusion in it. This is the basis of all the articles about interaction in the group.
From the Novosibirsk Convention 12/8/12, Lesson 4

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