The Formula For Entering The Upper World

Dr. Michael LaitmanA Kabbalistic group is based on the laws that belong to the next level. That’s why we meet together to re-create these conditions. We play as if we were in the forthcoming reality and build the relationships and connections that, in the end, will turn into the worlds that we study in Kabbalah.

The world of Assiya is the first one that we need to enter and start feeling among us. To be in this world means that we become completely adequate to its level internally (in our desires, thoughts, hearts, and mind). Rabash’s articles explain the ways to reach the unity and to start sensing spirituality among us.

Of course, we don’t “rise” anywhere. We ascend to our personal spiritual height to the extent of the level of connection that exists among us. Later, our sensations will change, and our “fitting together” will become stronger and deeper. We won’t treat each other egoistically any longer. We will decrease our egos. We’ll annul our egoism and expel it from the liaisons among us according to the principle, “What you hate, do not do to your friend.” As a result, we’ll start sensing the upper world.

Afterward, we will unite even more and enhance our mutual interconnection. We’ll create a reciprocal system according to which we will be able to sense a new type of fulfillment in the form of the Lights of Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama, Haya, and Yechida. It all depends on how much our egoism grows and in spite of it, we connect with each other, how we try to neutralize the egoism and even use it to join the two opposing forces and create a bond.

Imagine thousands of people from our groups all over the world will feel the mutual interconnection: who is where and how they are interconnected. This serious, multi-polar system is an integral society. Our egoism keeps growing and we become more united and “penetrate” into each other even more.

And our egoism grows not only in quantity but also in quality: It appears to us in all sorts of new, completely unknown forms. Suddenly, we begin noticing repulsive nuances in others that we haven’t seen before; it means that our egoism is elevating and is triggering these sensations in us! Suddenly, we recognize that our friends’ egoism has increased by a thousand times, and we don’t know how to approach their shaggy and prickly personalities. We still see ourselves as kind and wonderful. We don’t know how to treat our friends, nor do we know what to do with ourselves.

If we look at this picture from Above (from the Creator’s side), it becomes obvious that He is the One who provokes these situations in order to promote our advancement. On the part of the Creator, they are inevitable, whereas, on our behalf, we should continue correcting ourselves in order to rise even higher.

Rabash’s articles give precise advice on how to connect with friends. They all derive from the only principle, “Love thy neighbor as thyself” because it is the law of the upper level at which we all are entirely united through our desires and thoughts.

Our actions complement each other and create one general desire that was initially created by the Creator. At this point, each desire appears to us 620 times bigger. Thus, we feel everyone as if they were us. Besides, each of us feels 620 times bigger as if we were “multiplied” by others. It’s impossible to describe this formula since it defines the qualitative state called the world of infinity. We still need to reach this.
From the Novosibirsk Convention 12/8/12, Lesson 4

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